Below are many testimonials about the healing this clinic offers. We thank the patients for taking the time to write them and would be grateful of any future testimonials from other people who have enjoyed the benefits of this type of healing.

I worked with Jorg on a shoulder problem I had. I was amazed at how much better I felt in such a short time. When I went back to my physiotherapist she was blown away at the change in my condition. So much so, that she called in her boss to show him the range of movement I now had. Jorg's kind yet practical approach was very reassuring, and the results were fantastic. I would recommend Jorg to anyone. A.L., Waikanae

I have intestinal failure (Chronic Pseudo Obstruction) for a number of years and by May 2011 I was at my peak worst. Nothing had passed through me for a year and my health was decreasing as I was getting dangerously dehydrated because of the litres I was vomiting.

In June 2011 (a month into the SCENAR treatment) I started going to the toilet and had so much more energy. I was even able to go to Christchurch to see my family.  I am so amazed and happy that this little machine could help me. F.H. Whakatane

Thanks Jorg! After my soft tissue injury to my knee 1 year ago no one could really help me. As a General Practitioner I believed I had access to the best orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists. I know they did their best, but my knee improved only little. I tried to get used to the idea that I would have a disabled knee for the rest of my life.

After only 3 Scenar therapeutic sessions I could move my knee significantly better, with much less pain. I am happy! Back into my physical activities, which I was unable to do for 1 year. Thanks so much! H.S., Rotorua

I was devastated over the breakdown of a relationship with a close family member and convinced that this relationship could not be restored. In one short session with Jorg, my love and compassion for this person returned with such confidence and joy (read: laughter) that I could not remember what had caused the problem. From there full restoration of the relationship has flowed.

I was totally skeptical of the NLP process prior to this, concerned that it was "jiggery-pokery" and feeling resistant to someone getting "inside my head". What I found was a method that is intelligent, wise, dignified and extremely effective. I was able to make the changes without having to bare my soul. Jorg's genuine desire to facilitate healing, his competent skills, patience and good humor provided the format by which I could allow change to take place. C.M., Ohope

After just needing surgical treatment for my testicular cancer I had some major problems completing any tasks. It seems I did not see my past or my future. I want to thank Jorg for helping me to get my time line (back?). With knowing what was in the past and seeing what lies ahead I am now much more focused - and work tasks are so easy to achieve now. D.S., Wellington

Six years ago I had an accident resulting in trauma to my head, neck and spine. Over the years I was rehabilitated and continued to be positive about my outcome. However movement of both my head and neck was extremely limited. I was unable to turn my head from side to side freely or sit for any period of time without suffering severe pain. I also endure extreme cerebral headaches as a result of the accident; my only option was taking strong pain relief which did relax me, however did not alleviate the pain. The affects of the medication was also very draining leaving me unable to concentrate for any period of time. I was doing my own research and was open to any kind of therapy available that would be able to help me get pain relief therefore giving me a better quality of life.

At this point I was introduced to Scenar Therapy by Dr Jorg Prinz. The therapy has an incredible success rate world wide for a wide range of ailments including muscular skeletal injuries and is also used for immediate pain control.

Each session had different effects, at first the area that had been treated felt very tender the next day, however after a few treatments the movement in my neck increased also the pain decreased. The results that I have had and continue to have with scenar have been incredible. I encourage others to be open to scenar therapy as an alternative resource.

 Jorg treats you with compassion and kindness and has the wellbeing of each individual at heart. I greatly appreciate everything that he has done for me. G M Tauranga

I just had the privilege of a scenar treatment with Jorg Prinz. He specialises in acute pain relief, however his holistic approach looks at nutrition, emotions, energetic field and physical pain. He works with an electrical frequency device called a scenar and also incorporates Young Living Essential Oils into his therapy. If you or someone you know is dealing with pain- please give Jorg a ring. J.S., Whakatane 

I had a scary time last week . I came out in a rash that slowly spread across my body, itchy swollen feet, and in the night my tongue began swelling and throat felt constricted. I was on my own - M. was in Wellington. 

The dr saw me for 7 minutes and thought it was a virus. Gave me steroids and topical cream. The rash got worse - legs, arms, torso buttocks covered in welts and rash, welts were appearing on my lips. I went to Jorg Prinz at his Energy Health Clinic. His diagnostic machine showed my stomach, gut and liver were very stressed. 

I was so relieved that an hour's scenar treatment on my stomach and gut could change that rash from bright red welts over half of my body to nothing!!! Jorg was far more accurate than the dr about what was happening in my body - a toxic reaction to something I ate. Which explained the skin rash and itch. I am recommending to all my friends and family that they see Jorg to find out more accurately what is happening inside their bodies so they can make informed choices about what treatment to have. A.H., Whakatane

I highly recommend a session with Jorg, the analysis was spot on and helped us re-evaluate so many things , The Scenar treatment was great for pain, had my first good night's sleep in a long time and woke to lower blood sugar readings, would recommend for everyone to try it, I will be getting more treatments for sure !!! Thank You Jorg C.N. Whangarei

About 18 years ago I was in a pretty horrific accident and been on the treadmill of painkillers and therapy for I don't know how long. A few months ago I've gone and seen Jorg Prinz and that man has made an enormous difference to my life. Incredible results, things I did not even think were possible are now becoming possible. P.C. Whakatane

I met Dr. Jorg on the second to last day tapering off some medical drugs that were completely wrong for me. His strategies and his integrity have got my life back on track and I am for ever grateful. A.B. Rotoma 

I have gone to Jorg Prinz for a number of matters. I am hugely impressed by both the effectiveness and speed of the recovery that he brings about using SCENAR and Laser treatment. I highly recommend him. M.O. Whakatane

I would like to acknowledge the fantastic treatment for my intense shoulder pain.  I had previously seen my G.P., tried Physio, had acupuncture and also massage to alleviate the pain that was causing me great discomfort and endless sleepless nights.  I also went to the E.D. at Whakatane Hospital who did some X-Rays gave me some pills and sent me home.  A couple of days later I heard Dr  Jorg advertising his pain free treatment with a 15 minute free consultation first and after the initial consultation and three treatments my pain was gone . I have told everyone I know about this fantastic alternative healing and am extremely grateful to this very learned professional doctor and his treatment that I can have a happy face instead of a pain grimaced one. 

Mrs Linda Couchman, Kawerau

 I've now been for three treatments with Dr. Jorg Prinz for bursitis pain in my hip. I couldn't walk without limping and now the pain has nearly gone, I haven't needed any pain killers since my first treatment. I definitely recommend this, it has been amazing for me. So great to have the sore bits fixed :) L.D. Whakatane

I am a professional guitar player. I had a shoulder injury that made it hard to play my guitar. I went and saw Jorg and in to treatments his energy medicine has virtually healed my shoulder. Jorg Prinz, I could not recommend him highly enough. B.M. Rotoma

After 5 ½ years of pain due to an accident, and trying every treatment available with no lasting relief, I was delighted to discover a new treatment option when I heard Dr Jorg Prinz’s advertisement on the radio.

When you are experiencing an increasing level of pain causing you to become more and more restricted in what you can do physically, a totally new form of therapy gives hope. It is worth a try.

I was surprised at how quickly the treatment took effect. Within 3 treatments the reduction of pain was very noticeable. Further treatment very rapidly reduced it by such an extent that I am now able to perform activities that I have not been able to do for a long time. The benefit now is that continued, albeit less frequent, treatment can result in a permanent healing and not just pain relief.

I recommend a visit to Dr Jorg’s Energy Health Clinic for any physical challenge, especially those for which no therapy has been found. Bev G. Whakatane 

I have been to Jorg Prinz with the pain that I had in my hip. 4-5 sessions, man, it made a big difference. I can walk a whole lot easier. I would highly recommend Dr. Prinz to anybody. It has been a big, big help to me.

O.R. Whakatane

I saw Jorg Prinz with high blood pressure, muscle pain and high stress. I tried numerous medications before and Jorg helped me out in no time. In a couple of weeks I am so much better, I never look back. M.V. Ohope

I am patient of Jorg. I have a bad back and his treatments helped me a lot. I appreciate what he has done for me and I recommend him to anyone who has problems of that nature. P.H. Whakatane 

Online Scenar training has been extremely informative and I now feel that I have a depth of understanding that I was unable to grasp before working with Dr Jorg. He has been generous not only in sharing his knowledge but also in answering questions and reviewing case histories outside of the Zoom online class environment. 


The Cosmetology webinar was also fascinating because we were directed to the Holistic element in treating cosmetically and therefore given yet another depth to our learning.


 I now have a confidence in using Scenar that I didn’t have before and I highly recommend Dr Jorg Prinz’s Scenar training.
Pavllou Landraagon Kokko, Sweden, November 2020