'Magic Gloves' SCENAR Electro Massage

'Magic Gloves' is a treatment method using electro-conductive gloves with a SCENAR device massaging or simply holding on to the patient. Dr. Alena Plieninger, Zurich in Switzerland,  invented this technique.


Wet conductive gloves, connected to a SCENAR device, are applied on the skin. The unique, pain-relieving and healing-inductive SCENAR signal is applied with two large electrodes - the practitioner's hands. Patients receive a SCENAR treatment and a massage: the practitioner can feel the muscles moving under their hands and feel the softening and relaxing of the tens muscles. 

This is an excellent application for relaxing tens muscles, for dissolving muscle agglutinations and soften scar tissues.

Patients with unspecified muscle pains like in fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, chronic compartment syndrome or polimyalgia and the like benefit with a good and longer lasting pain relief. This treatment can also be used in patients with swellings due to injury and edemas.