Physical Pain - SCENAR - Self-Healing

SCENAR stands for:

  • Self
  • Controlled
  • Energo
  • Neuro
  • Adaptive
  • Regulator.

It is a pain relief tool that works with mild and comfortable electric stimulation of the skin. It causes the body to release its own natural pain killers, endorphins. That causes a quick pain relief. Furthermore neuropeptides are released which stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. Mobility to joints returns faster; better sleep and digestion is another effect; inflammation eases faster; oedemas disappear quicker - and many more beneficial effects occur.


Any patient with pain benefits from SCENAR therapy. 


Results reported for the SCENAR have been remarkable. There seems to be very few ailment categories that it cannot assist. Improvements in particular conditions are simply the result of applying procedures developed over two decades of the device's use to effect a change in skin/body response to the SCENAR signal/impulse. 


Several medical studies in Russia, where the device was developed, in USA and in Europe now have shown the high effectiveness of the SCENAR treatment.

SCENAR Mechanisms

There are several effects in SCENAR therapy:

  • Pain relief - Analgesic effect
  • Reduces Swelling - Anti-oedematous effect and Lymphatic drainage
  • Activates Muscles - Myo-stimulation
  • Increases circulation - Improvement of blood micro circulation
  • Reduces inflammation even in chronic inflammatory diseases - Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Improves sleep and stress related symptoms - Down-regulates autonomous nervous system