Health Conditions we can help with

At Energy Health Clinic we practice Holistic Health. Two patients with the same symptoms are likely to receive completely different treatments. And two patients can get similar treatments although they have completely different symptoms. The following 'Likely Treatment' are just options. A detailed treatment suggestion can only be made after the first consultation.  

Physical Pain - acute after injury, chronic or neuropathic


Emotional Pain - feeling unwantd negative emotions


Mood Disorders - feeling anxious or depressed


Stress - chronic stress is a major contributor to disease


Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, polimyalgia, chronic inflammation as in Crohn's disease or colitis (non acute stage)


Swelling due to injury or edemas


Holistic Cosmetology - tensing face muscles and smoothing wrinkles


Muscle tension, muscle agglutinations and scars


Life Issues


Skin ulcers, skin conditions

SCENAR, Magic Gloves





'Rapid Depression treatment' & 'Rapid Anxiety Treatement' according to Shinick




SCENAR, Magic Gloves, EFT & NLP, NES Energy Scan & Infoceuticals



SCENAR, Magic Gloves





Magic Gloves


Life Coaching