NES Energy Scan - See the Unseen

Energy Scan

Any pain and illness is accompanied by changes in the 'Human Body Field'. This field is produced by the electrical activity of the heart and its conductance along the blood vessels through the body. The differences between a healthy and a diseased human body field can be assessed by the NES Scan.


This is a simple procedure: the human body field is measured through the skin of the hand. A connected laptop computer displays the changes in several comprehensive screens covering changes in:

  • organ systems
  • musculo-skeletal system
  • traditional meridian systems and chakras
  • nutritional issues and
  • emotional patterns

that can affect health.  


The NES Health Energy Scan is helpful in deciding which approach to a holistic health recovery is best. It does not give a diagnosis as provided by conventional medicine. Its results do however correlate well with the symptoms a patient presents with.



Deficits in energy in the examined systems can be orally substituted by so called 'infoceuticals', which basically are energised colloidal minerals.

They are taken orally for about 2-4 weeks to replenish the energies in the body and get the energy flowing again.

Here is a brief video about the NES Health Scan and System



"The Living Matrix"

is a documentary explaining the Human Body Field in depth. Prominent scientists like Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Edgar Mitchell, Lynne McTaggart, Folker Meissner, Marilyn Schlitz and James L. Oschman explain the functions and workings of this new way of influencing health.