Emotional Pain - Resolve for Self-Healing

Neuro Linguistic Prgramming NLP

NLP is the study of human capabilities, excellence and success. It provides amazingly simple and powerful methods for consistently changing the way you want to think, feel and behave. The results are lasting and will positively impact on your life – be it at work, in your relationship or with regard to your mental or physical health.

NLP is a type of psycho-therapy, however I try to avoid that word as it implies that my clients are 'psycho' where in fact they are not. And psychotherapists don't like us NLP-practitioners to use that word either as it trespasses onto their field of expertise. There are some huge differences to conventional psychotherapy anyway.

Neuro refers to the nerves (neurological system) and the brain which regulate all body organs and the immune system. Neuro also refers to how we use our mind and body and how we use our 5 senses (see, hear, feel, smell, taste), and translate and store our experiences in our thought processes. 


Linguistic refers to the way we use language to make sense of our experience and communicate it to ourselves and others. Through our 5 senses we take in information from the world, code and store it internally in our own unique way. These internal codes, or internal representations, shape our mental worlds – the way we react to others, the way we think and feel. 


Programming refers to the pathways we use in our brain to code and store our experiences and our memories. Our individual thinking styles are like ‘software’ of the brain – and each person’s ‘software’ differs from another’s. This includes our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours, responses, skills, beliefs, and personality. Changing, or upgrading, this ‘mental software’ allows us to let go of behaviours and responses that no longer work for us, and install new ones to achieve the goals we want now.


Western medicine, psychotherapy and counselling try to eliminate what is wrong with a patient/client – a problem orientated therapy.

NLP focuses on what can be achieved – a solution orientated therapy.

I am sure you spotted the difference!


As we learn to understand the language of the brain and the structure of our personal life, we acquire more flexibility and conscious choice in changing and designing happier and healthier lives. In this way NLP is a powerful and practical approach to positive personal change.


Most of our automatic behaviors and responses run at the unconscious level, outside our conscious awareness. Therefore, some of the most powerful changes need to take place at the level of the unconscious mind.

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

EFT, also known as tapping, can be thought of as a form of acupuncture without needles. You can actually think of it as an emotional form of acupuncture. This is because a disruption in the body's energy systems causes all negative emotions and, because pain and disease is connected with emotion, negative emotions that are unresolved actually contribute quite significantly to pain and disease. The beauty of EFT is that it can be done anywhere and it can be one of those things that work when nothing else does. What is EFT, Basically?


Basically, EFT or tapping is based on the principles of both acupuncture and kinesiology. The gentle tapping used in this therapy is designed to gently realign the energy system of the body. Even though it is a form of energy healing, it is different to other energy healing therapies because it incorporates emotions into the healing process by addressing issues that have previously been unresolved. 


A negative emotion or emotional experience disrupts the energy pathways or meridians that flow throughout the body. These disruptions cause physical changes that are then attached to the negative emotion or experience, which affects the way we see the world until that disruption is healed. If EFT is used properly, the energy meridians are quickly realigned in respect to a person's negative memories, disconnecting the physical discomfort or change that is associated with that negative emotion, and removing the resulting physical symptoms. Therefore, healing takes place on a conscious and sub-conscious level. The balancing of the body-mind energy system improves physical wellbeing, emotional health, and performance.