The Five Pillars of Health (Dr. med. Folker Meissner)
The Five Pillars of Health (Dr. med. Folker Meissner)

Holistic Health ...

... bio-modulation, bio-feedback and emotional balancing to restore your full health

I left conventional medicine and offer now only bio-feedback and bio-physical applications to help my clients to recover their health.

Why? Well, conventional medicine is great in acute situations, like accidents or in life-threatening, acute-onset illnesses like heart attacks, strokes, appendicitis etc. 


Today I call myself an allied integrative health practitioner. I still see my role a bit as a GP - although I am not registered as such in NZ - to guide people back to health. I am specialised in physical and emotional pain therapy without using medication, just bio-physical and energy-psychological modalities.
When I show clients how their bodies can be free of physical and emotional pain without medication they can  see the light at the end of the tunnel - indicating to them that their bodies can 'heal'. I also show my clients that and which lifestyle changes are necessary to stay healthy.


When it comes to chronic pain or chronic illness conventional medicine does not deliver despite strong pain killers and operations. Healing needs more than just a pill: it needs a good relationship with the therapist, analysis, adaptation and changes to the client's lifestyle - and all that needs time! People who are after a quick 'fix' will be disappointed. People who are after a quick insight will be delighted.   

We now know for sure that

there is no pill for every ill! 

However ... there is a skill for every ill

As much as modern medicine focuses on prolonging life there is little focus on the quality of life. And doctors are hardly looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals. That often has the result that a lot of patients with chronic disease end up with 6 to 15 different medicines - and still are in pain or feel unwell. The side effects with that many pills are not predictable and according to latest studies more lethal than previously thought.


Therefore, here at Energy Health Clinic, I focus on using non-pharmaceutical treatments. A lot of people think that these are 'alternative methods' - developed by traditional healers or non-medical people. The truth could not be further away: 
* electro-biomodulation with SCENAR,
* photo-biomodulation with Thor low level laser devices or
* energy psychology
are evidence based methods developed and evaluated by medical doctors. These methods are not yet in the medical text books. However, my clients can experience the benefits already.


The old, outdated and ingrained belief of medical doctors that only pharmaceuticals, surgery and radiation can heal a patient is just that: an old, outdated and wrong belief.

Advances in science have shown that the body can and always does heal itself - if the circumstances are right, if the stress levels are down, if stimulation is correct, if negative emotions are released ... 

If you still suffer from pain and/or a chronic health condition and nothing has worked for you to ease the pain or feel more energetic or better

then come and see me at Energy Health Clinic.

The human body has to adapt to new situations and influences all the time - that is virtually every second. 

'Things' that force  the body to adapt are:

Outer Environment:

  • toxins
  • pollution
  • people
  • food & drinks
  • accidents
  • EMFs 

Inner Environment:

  • thoughts
  • dreams
  • emotions

The list is certainly not complete.

All influences on the body and mind change our biology: the DNA changes to produce different substances to deal with the new influence. These changes lead to emotional and physical symptoms which we call disease.  

The therapies offered here help to alter these adaptation processes.

  • SCENAR is a regulator that sends new signals to the brain - to effect a pain relief and retrain the brain to experience 'pain' differently. 
  • NES Energy Scan and Infoceuticals (like Homeopathic Remedies) provide new information to the body that help to let go of adaptive reactions that are not useful anymore. 
  • Low Level Laser Therapy (light of certain wavelengths ) stimulates the body to produce more (chemical) energy for the cells and reduce inflammation and thereby pain.  
  • EFT, NLP, TBT and TLT work on emotions to permanently channel negative thoughts and emotions into the desired directions and help  letting go of them.


The last two decades brought us a vast quantity of new findings that show how important the mind is - that is the conscious and the subconscious mind - with regards to retaining - or regaining health. 

Our biography becomes our biology. One might think that: "Oh, well, nothing I can do about my health then!" That's far from the truth. You can do a lot despite a bad biography.

The brain cannot distinguish between reality and what just plays on your mind. Therefore, a patient's perception is key to feeling a negative emotion about an event. There are some fairly easy methods that a patient can learn here which help the letting go of negative emotions and now useless beliefs - it is really easy to learn and to achieve. The patient becomes a student again and the doctor will be the teacher - and every patient teaches the doctor, too, so doctors become students, too . And as everyone learns differently there will be a different teaching style for every student - Holistic Medicine!


That is Holistic Health Care - assist a patient to regain their own health.


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