The Five Pillars of Health (Dr. med. Folker Meissner)
The Five Pillars of Health (Dr. med. Folker Meissner)

Energy Medicine, the link to Holistic Health ...

... bio-modulation, bio-feedback and emotional balancing to restore your full health and well-being

Introducing Dr med Jorg Prinz, a trained medical doctor who holds a German registration as a GP. He has a PhD in medicine. Fortunately for the Kapiti Coast he has recently moved into the area. In 2004 he left conventional medicine to follow his passion for bio-feedback and bio-physical applications to help his clients to improve and recover their health. He considers conventional medicine to be great in acute situations, such as accidents or in life-threatening, acute-onset illnesses like heart attacks, strokes, appendicitis etc. 


Today he practices as an allied integrative health practitioner. Jorg is specialised in Energy Medicine and treats physical and emotional pain without using medication, just bio-physical and energy-psychological modalities. He says: "If surgeons are the 'body mechanics' I am the 'body electrician' who also helps with the software of the onboard computer."

He offers methods which complement conventional medicine.

He shows his patients how their bodies can be free of physical and emotional pain without medication. When they can see improvements in their condition without using more medication they realise that their bodies can 'heal'. He also shows his patients which lifestyle changes are necessary to return to health and stay healthy.

He offers methods which complement patient's efforts to heal. 


When it comes to chronic pain and chronic illness the healing may need more than just a pill which is sometimes missed by conventional medicine. Strong pain killers and operations are sometimes not enough. Healing needs analysis, adaptation and changes to the patient’s lifestyle as well as a good relationship with the therapist. All this takes time!

* Pain can disappear quickly

* Healing takes time   

As much as modern medicine focuses on prolonging life there is minimum focus on the quality of life. Modern doctors are no longer looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals. It often results in many patients with chronic disease ending up with up to 15 different medicines leaving them still in pain or feeling unwell. The side effects from so many pills are not predictable and according to latest studies may be more lethal than previously thought.


Therefore, here at Energy Health Clinic, Jorg Prinz focuses on using non-pharmaceutical treatments. Many people think that these are 'alternative methods', developed by traditional healers or non-medical people. This is not the case.

  • Electro bio-modulation with SCENAR,
  • Photo bio modulation with Thor low level laser devices 
  • Energy psychology

are all evidence based methods developed and evaluated by medical doctors. These methods are not yet found in medical text books. However, patients at the Energy Health Clinic can experience the benefits already.


The old, outdated and ingrained belief of medical doctors, that only pharmaceuticals, surgery and radiation can heal a patient, are indeed old, outdated and have been proved to be incorrect by advances in science which show that the body can and always does heal itself, if the circumstances are right all the time, if the stress levels are down, if stimulation is correct, if negative emotions are released ...

If you still suffer from pain and/or a chronic health condition and nothing has worked for you to ease the pain or feel more energetic or better

than come to the Energy Health Clinic.

The human body has to adapt to new situations and influences all the time - that is virtually every second. 

'Things' that force  the body to adapt are

Outer Environment

  • toxins
  • pollution
  • people
  • food & drinks
  • accidents
  • EMFs 

Inner Environment

  • thoughts
  • dreams
  • emotions

The list is certainly not complete.

All influences on the body and mind change our biology: the DNA changes to produce different substances to deal with the new influence. These changes lead to emotional and physical symptoms which we call disease. The therapies offered here help to alter these adaptation processes.

  • SCENAR is a regulator which sends new signals to the brain - to effect a pain relief and retrain the brain to experience 'pain' differently. 
  • Low Level Laser Therapy (light of certain wavelengths) stimulates the body to produce more (chemical) energy for the cells and reduce inflammation and thereby pain.
  • NES Energy Scan and Infoceuticals (like Homeopathic Remedies) provide new information to the body which helps to reduce adaptive reactions that are not useful anymore. 
  • EFT, NLP, TBT and TLT work on emotions to permanently channel negative thoughts and emotions into the desired directions which helps  to remove them.


The last two decades brought us new findings from studies of how to retain or regain health. They all show how important the mind is, both the conscious and the subconscious mind and the effects of early childhood which influence our mind and body. The unison conclusion is: Our biography becomes our biology.
You might think: "Oh, well, nothing I can do about my health then!" That's far from the truth. You can do a lot for your physical and emotional health even though you may have a bad biography.

There are some easy methods that a patient can learn which help to reduce negative emotions and useless beliefs and thereby reduce pain and disease symptoms. 


That is Holistic Care! It assists a patient to regain their own health!


Nobody can do it for you, ONLY YOU!!


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