The Five Pillars of Health (Dr. med. Folker Meissner)
The Five Pillars of Health (Dr. med. Folker Meissner)

Holistic Health

A new approach using bio-feedback and emotional balancing to restore your full health

I am Dr. med. Jörg Prinz. I am born and bred in Germany and live and work in New Zealand since 1990.

I left conventional medicine and offer now only bio-feedback and bio-physical applications to help my clients to recover their health.

Why? Well, conventional medicine is great in acute situations, like accidents or in life-threatening, acute-onset illnesses like heart attacks, strokes, appendicitis etc. 


When it comes to chronic pain or chronic illness then conventional medicine does not deliver. 

The last two decades brought us a vast quantity of new findings that show how important the mind - that is the conscious and the subconscious mind - is with regards to retaining - or regaining health. 

Our biography becomes our biology. One might think that: "Oh, well, nothing I can do about my health then!" That's far from the truth. You can do a lot despite a bad biography.

The brain cannot distinguish between reality and what just plays on your mind.

A patient's perception is key to feeling a negative emotion about an event. Letting go of negative emotions and now useless beliefs is quite easy to learn and to achieve.


The human body has to adapt to new situations and influences all the time - that is virtually every second. 

'Things' that force  the body to adapt are:

Outer Environment:

  • toxins
  • pollution
  • people
  • food & drinks
  • accidents
  • EMFs 

Inner Environment:

  • thoughts
  • dreams
  • emotions

The list is certainly not complete.

All influences on the body and mind change our biology: the DNA changes to produce different substances to deal with the new influence. These changes lead to emotional and physical symptoms which we call disease.  

The therapies offered here help to alter these adaptation processes. SCENAR is a regulator that interrupts signals to the brain - giving the chance to do a 'reset'. Infoceuticals provide new information to the body that help to let go of adaptive reactions that are not useful anymore. And work on emotions help to permanently channel thoughts and emotions into the desired directions.


That is Holistic Health Care - assist a patient to regain their own health.

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